Backup And Restore

Data Backup

What is Data?

Data can be defined as a set of information in a computer. Raw data becomes information after its processing in a computer. The information thus obtained can be used as a data for further processing to get more refined information.

What is Data crash?

Data crash is a term used for the data which cannot be accessed due to any reason. Damage to the partition table or file system can also make data unreadable. There may be other reasons also for data crash.

What is Data Backup?

Data Backup is the process of copying database or files to preserve them. Backup gives opportunity to use the data further in case of Data crash or equipment failure. Large businesses have a routine process of taking backup of the data in order to keep their information always available and safe. Data Backup is also important for your personal computer. You can easily restore the data through retrieval of backup files.

You can take local backup or online backup according to your requirements.

  • Local Backup. You can take a backup of your work on a diskette for further use. This data can be used in case of data loss due to any reason. This approach is also vulnerable to certain risks as the diskette on which the backup has been taken may not work later resulting in loss of important data. You can also take a backup of your data on a Zip drive.
  • Online Backup. To prevent your data you can send it to a safekeeping site. These websites offer you a client program that allows send files being backed up. You just have to pay a small amount of charges for using online backup service.

How SmartSnake can help you for Data Backup?

Have you ever thought that data related to money transactions is how much important for you?  What if you stuck in a situation where there is no record and you have to make a balance sheet for the whole year? In such a situation you will certainly look for a source from where you can get the data recovered. We know the importance of Data on your computer and therefore provide online data backup services for your computer.

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