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E-mail is a digital message that has three components- the message envelope, the message header, and the message body. E-mail system works on SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). In the early days, it was necessary for both the sender and the receiver to remain online at the same time while exchanging emails. Current email systems have given freedom to the sender and receiver from being online at the same time. Latest email systems are based on store and forward model. There are servers for email which accept, forward, deliver and store messages.

Reasons for Email Corruption

E-mail has a great importance for everyone. One can easily communicate with his/her clients through an email and perform different action related to the business. Loss to any important mail may result in a big setback at the business front. There are many reasons for email corruption. Some of these reasons are:

  • Virus infection or corrupt mail files
  • E-mail storage media corruption
  • MS Windows failed and email base is empty
  • DBX, MBX, IMH, PST, IMB file header corruption
  • Accidental deletion of email
  • Unable to expand the folder

How to Recover an Email?

E-mail recovery is a process of retrieving emails that are corrupt and not accessible due to any reason, whether it is an accidental deletion or system failure or storage media corruption. E-mail recovery can be done by an expert only.

How SmartSnake can help you for Data Recovery?

Have you ever experienced a situation when you are unable to access mailbox of your computer? This situation may arise due to email corruption. What should you do now? Call us on our toll free number and get instant help for email recovery.

Our highly talented experts can easily recover emails on your computer. If you are finding it difficult to recover an email, feel free to call us. Our experts can perform an online scan on your computer for finding the root cause of the problem after getting your permission. You need to have a stable connection of adequate bandwidth for getting our online email recovery services.