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Recover Deleted Files | SmartSnake

Have you ever faced a situation where all the important files on your computer were deleted and you had no way to recover those files? Though you lose the file entry in “My Computer” when a file is deleted, its content still exists in the hard drive of your computer. However, the operating system makes that space available for writing a new file. Files on your computer may delete due to:

  • Data deleted due to use of SHIFT+DELETE key
  • Hard disk drive failure
  • Virus attack
  • Data deleted from Recycle Bin folder
  • Partition Table Corruption
  • Power failure

If physical or logical partition damages occur to the hard disk, FAT and NTFS partitions get damaged. Data on these corrupt partitions can be recovered in an easy way by our expert team. There are some software available for recovery of files that get deleted accidentally.

How We can help with Data Recovery?

You can call SmartSnake for online help related to file recovery on your computer. Our executives can recover deleted files even if you have emptied the Recycle Bin. Apart from recovering the files, they can also recover photos, movies, videos, audios, emails, database, etc.

We can guide you about the importance of partitioning of hard drive. Also, we can make partitions to physically mark off different parts of the hard drive.

We provide online support for recovering all types of deleted files. Our smart and talented experts can easily recover almost all types of files on your computer. You just have to give a call at our toll free number. Our experts will perform an online scan on your computer for finding the root cause of the problem. All you need is a stable connection of adequate bandwidth.