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Blue Screen Error

Blue screen error is a type of error message that is generated by the operating system when it encounters an error which needs to be terminated. It is abbreviated as BSOD, i.e. Blue Screen of Death and is technically known as the STOP error.

This error is displayed in case of serious system crash. A computer may stop responding because of stop errors to prevent any damage to the hardware or data. It is called so because BSOD is always displayed on a blue screen with white text on it. This screen displays hexadecimal values that may help to determine the reason of the crash. Also, it displays the list of files involved in the crash including any drivers that may have an error. Not just this but it also provides the solution of the problem related to these files or drivers.

Reasons of Blue Screen Error

As stated, BSOD error can be faced by anyone at anytime. However, there are some common reasons behind it:

  • New Installation: Sometimes installing any new hardware, software or any new driver may encounter the BSOD error. In such a case, roll back the device driver or use system restore and then reboot the system.
  • Inadequate Disk space: The most common reason of BSOD is inadequate disk space. Sometimes the available disk space on the operating system disk is less than the minimum free space required by it.
  • Viruses: A PC needs to be regularly scanned for any virus attack. Some viruses have the capability to affect the master boot sector which may cause BSOD. So keep a check that your antivirus is updated and checks master boot sector.
  • Applying Updates: Microsoft frequently releases patches including fixes for BSOD for their operating systems.
  • Drivers Update for Hardware: It is very important to keep the hardware and drivers updated.

Our Services

We provide the following services to our customers:

  • Fix BSOD Error: Our tech experts try to understand the exact reason and rectify it with their skills and expertise.
  • Updating Driver: Drivers are usually updated to make hardware compatible with the operating system. We update the drivers for all possible reasons.
  • Updating Antivirus: Computer needs to be scanned for viruses, Spyware, Trojans, something, a simple virus scan can’t do. Our experts thoroughly scan your computer for any sort of malware.
  • Optimizing Disk Space: If this is the reason of BSOD on your PC, our tech experts arrange your data in such a way that the minimum free space required by the operating system is maintained.