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What is Firewall?

Firewall is a term used for programs that protect a computer by controlling the incoming and outgoing network traffic. A firewall may be software based or hardware based. A firewall could be based on a set of rules to analyze the data and ensure that no unauthorized data packet should be allowed through whether it is incoming or outgoing. If a user connects his internal network with external network, firewall works like a protective bridge to save the data on the secure network (internal network). It is good to use firewall when you are connecting your computer with the Internet because there are various types of threats present. You can use an operating system which has firewall feature.

Types of firewall?

There are different types of firewall. Some of them are:

  • Network layer or Packet filters :In Network layer firewall, rules are defined to ensure that which packet will be allowed to enter or leave. Main drawback of this firewall technique is that it is very difficult to configure.
  • Application layer :This type of firewall is based on TCP/IP settings.
  • ProxiesThis type of firewall can be configured if the user wants to allow a particular type of traffic to pass.

How to configure firewall on your computer?

Configuring firewall on your computer may not be an easy task for you as it requires a good knowledge of computers. Improper configuration of firewall will now produce good results and your computer will remain open for the intruders and it might get infected by viruses. If you are connecting your computer with the Internet frequently then it will be good to have a firewall protection active. If you are searching for firewall expert, then SmartSnake is the right option for you.

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