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Internet scams and frauds are rapidly increasing causing you great loss not only financially but also stealing personal sensitive information. These malicious activities take undue advantage of innocent users and their lack of knowledge. SmartSnake scam support understands these scams and offers ways to stay protected against these adverse possibilities.

Warning messages of SmartSnake are there for your assistance so that you can save yourself at the right time by taking precautionary steps. With the help of scam reports, SmartSnake makes you utmost attentive.

Wondering why such warning messages are required? All such scam-alerts play an important role in making you aware of the deceitful plans of scamsters to cheat you. All internet users are more vulnerable to scams and thus, require comprehensive and detailed knowledge.

SmartSnake scam alerts keep the users attentive. With our assistance, you can stay at bay from the below outlined fraudulent activities:

  • Online Dating scams
  • Online Software scams
  • Inheritance scams
  • Fake Antivirus scams
  • Payment scams
  • Competition scams
  • Domain Name scams
  • Shopping scams
  • Internet Video scams
  • Lottery Winning
  • Mails from foreign country to remove a lump-sum amount
  • Fake deals

While surfing the internet many unwanted pop-ups or marketing messages may try to catch your attention. Most of them are forged and bogus. Don’t not share your personal details with anyone asking for your credit card number, personal bank account number, email id, mobile number, etc. As a user, you can’t differentiate such fake scams from the genuine mails. All you need is to stay alert all the time.

Who take advantage by using fake tactics?

Tricksters are actually the masters of cheating who plan against you and cannot be traced. They are expert in hacking your security software with no way to find it out afterwards. Like you can’t locate the IP address of the computers they use to attack you. So what will you do to protect yourself? SmartSnake assists by imparting sufficient knowledge about all such phony tricks. These scamsters are so professional in their tricks that they do not leave a clue behind them to get caught.

Extent of harm caused by frauds & scams

Online malicious activities not only squeeze you financially but also steal your personal and confidential information with no way to recover later on. Do not let the fraudsters make a big hole in your pocket and cause you emotional harm as well. SmartSnake scam help is a boon in detecting the frauds.

Spot the frauds & bid goodbye to internet crooks

Scams and fraudulent activities have duped many innocent computer users who were completely unaware of what is happening with them. Here we give you few live examples which you should read:

Albert told us that he got a scam message of property inheritance which made him suffer a lot. That mail falsely mentioned that a bank has conducted an investigation process to identify the heir of the deceased customer where his name was found out.

Albert gave his personal information like account details and paid the fees of such process as well. A huge sum of money was debited from his account which could not be traced out later on. It gave him a heart attack and was very difficult for him to come out of that phase.

Many other suffer from fake video scams. Mr. Paisley who is a banker suffered when he clicked on a URL which flashed on his computer screen and corrupted his system completely. Not only this, his entire data was leaked out. Another sufferer was Jacob who was surfing a social networking website when a survey popped-up on his screen asking him to fill the personal information to get a shopping voucher free. This is where he was trapped and lost his personal information. Subsequently his social networking account was also hacked. Ms. Fabiana was also cheated when she clicked on a URL of a celebrity stating to give detailed news.

Mrs. Valeska got the biggest shock of her life when she bought software online for better functionality of her laptop. That was the pirated version (unlicensed and stolen). Mr. Galen purchased OEM software online unaware of the fact that the original one comes with hardware and can never be resold. These cyber-criminals duped him so badly that he went into the state of comma. Being from a lower middle class family he could not bear the shock.

Mrs. Galilee was the victim of fake antivirus software scam. She responded to a fake message offering an antivirus stating an emergency in her PC against virus infection. For security reasons, she immediately acted and bought the antivirus being offered by that fake company. Shockingly that itself was a virus which hacked her PC and corrupted it by taking out all personal information which was later on misused. SmartSnake’s support scam team makes you more aware of such deceitful online acts.

Mr. Valko used an online matchmaking website and got emotionally attached to the friend he got linked there. He went overseas to meet her and offered financial help. He was cheated of his entire money later on. SmartSnake warns you not to get attracted towards any vulnerable picture you see online on such websites.

Mr. Edison was duped when he purchased a domain name online for identification of his business. A domain name represents your company’s brand. He bought the domain name from an unknown company which in a very impressive way convinced him for the same. He was in a bad shock afterwards.

A fake advertisement duped Mr. Falcon by offering him false job and taking out his personal sensitive information. He paid the fees as well for evaluation forms, trainings and assignments. It was a big shock for him and he is still recovering from it. Ms/ Maclean also suffered when she responded to a fake call offering huge discount for dining at a restaurant.

SmartSnake support scam team promises to keep you updated of all such scams so that you can take protection in advance while involving in any online activity.

Identifying Dubious Online Tricks

SmartSnake helps you in understanding these scams. Do not respond to:

  • Any email with bad syntax or grammar
  • Doubtful communication
  • Inheritance related letter or e-mail
  • Red/Yellow triangles warning you regarding a virus in your PC

Be extremely cautious and do not be the easy prey of such fake scams. Any conversation with an element of suspicion attached to it should be completely avoided. You should immediately remove all such bogus mails from your inbox.

Dos & Don’ts of Online threats:

  • A well-known antivirus software is must for security purpose of your PC
  • Pop-ups which suddenly flash on your screen should not be clicked or closed
  • Your default web browser should be Firefox
  • In case you make any online payment, keep it documented always
  • Personal information should not be shared with any unknown caller on phone
  • Emails and attachments from any unknown sender should not be opened and in case you need to do so, scan it first
  • Authenticity of any mystery shopping should always be checked
  • Ignore the job offers from any overseas company
  • For any shoppers’ related job, screening is must else it is fake
  • Report the theft immediately after informing the bank
  • To rescue yourself from any malicious activity, contact experts
  • Passwords of respected email ids should be frequently changed

SmartSnake scam assistance is there for your betterment. Stay tuned with us to know more about such fraudulent activities and safeguard your hard earned money.