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Have you noticed that your computer is not working as it used to? If you are experiencing this, then it might be due to the fragmentation of files.

What is Fragmentation?

Fragmentation as the name says is a process in which a single file system is stored in gaps rather than in an adjacent space. The reason for fragmentation is that when operating system deletes a formerly stored file system which has allocated an extra space, some file remains in the first place. Fragmentation also occurs in case of large number of files and as a result, you may experience performance loss in your computer system.

What is Defragmentation?

Defragmentation can reorganize those files which have been fragmented due to any reason and when the files will be in the right sequence, speed of your computer system will increase due to ease in the data access.

Why Defrag

Defragmentation can fix the issue of slowdown and make the PC efficient. If you will not defrag computer at the right time, performance of your system will decline.

If you have some knowledge about computer, you can do it on your own. However, if you are finding it difficult, feel free to take help from an expert.

There may be issues related with:

  • Internal fragmentation
  • External fragmentation
  • Data fragmentation

Internal fragmentation occurs when more memory space is allocated than required and in such a case, a large space of memory is wasted.

External fragmentation occurs if the free memory is divided in small blocks and you are unable to use it.

Data fragmentation can be experienced if a data breaks into pieces in the memory and those pieces are away from each other.

Why Choose Us?

SmartSnake has a team of experienced experts who provide online assistance to defrag your computer and make it efficient.

If you are seeking help for the fragmentation problem in your computer’s operating system, SmartSnake is the right choice for you.