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What is Adware?

Adware is a type of software that supports advertising and automatically renders advertisements to appear on your browser window. The basic intent of an adware developer is to get personal information of the computer user and then use it for commercial gains. Adware collects the information related to your computer without your knowledge and sends it to others.

It can collect information related to your internet surfing habits and then send it out via a background internet connection. Using this information, adware vendor can send advertisements related to those things at your browser window. Appearance of unwanted pop-ups can make you annoyed. Adware removal is therefore important for good health of your computer.

Adware usually comes on your computer with free software (freeware) programs. There are many freeware which keep adware associated with them and when you download them, all the associated adware also get downloaded on your computer. Before downloading and installing freeware on your computer, you have to give consent on the terms and conditions given in the license agreement. Adware developers take advantage of this situation and include the adware downloading condition in the license agreement. Many computer users don’t read all the terms and conditions and give acceptance. When you run a freeware, adware also starts running in the background and showing advertisements on the computer. Some freeware which may contain adware are:

  • Computer games
  • E-mail clients
  • P2P file sharing programs
  • Advanced search engines
  • Applications claiming to improve working of the computer

You may also get a pop-up on your computer screen looking as an alert with the option for clicking on ‘Ok’ or ‘Cancel.’ If you choose ‘OK,’ then it will install the adware on your computer.

There are malicious adware which can take advantage of weak security of your computer. Sometimes when you surf the internet and go to websites which have programs to install adware on the visitor’s computer, adware gets installed on your computer without your knowledge.

How to remove adware from your computer?

Do you have an anti virus program installed on your computer? If yes then you can scan your computer for finding adware present on the system and then removing it. Sometime it works but not every time. If you are still experiencing the problem then you should opt for online Adware removal. If you are experiencing problems due to the presence of adware on your computer and searching for an expert on the Internet then SmartSnake is the right choice for you.

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