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What is Rootkit?

Rootkit is a type of software developed with malicious intent but it is something different than a virus or worm. This software can be used to get access of your Desktop or Laptop and make changes to the data stored on it, without your permission. You may not even know about the presence of Rootkit on your computer.  The first case of a Rootkit was came in light 22 years back. Hackers targeted Linux and Sun operating systems for installing Rootkit.  Rootkit can give you harm because Rootkit vendor can get access to your computer and steal information related to your bank password, other important transactions. Now a day more and more people are having the access to the Internet and thus the chances for intrusion of Rootkit in their computer have also increased.
The basic intent of a Rootkit developer is to get personal information of the computer user and then use it according to the requirements.

Rootkit removal is therefore important for keeping your personal records safe on the computer.

How Rootkit is installed on the computer?

Rootkit can be installed on your computer during the sharing or transfer of data with another computer. When you use the infected web content, Rootkit silently intrudes into your computer. Rootkit can also enter into your computer when you install any trusted software because your trusted software may have a Rootkit. When you give permission for the installation of the trusted software, unknowingly you also permit Rootkit to get installed on your computer. In this way a Rootkit gets into the administrative access of your computer. A Rootkit can also be used for good purpose like anti-theft identification. It is very difficult to detect Rootkit on a computer. Most of the operating systems can get infected by Rootkit. The problems that Rootkit can produce are:

  • Allowing mask intrusion
  • Gain root access to the computer
  • Gain root access to computers on the network

How to remove Rootkit from your computer?

There are ways for detecting Rootkit and removing it from a computer but everyone cannot use them as they are very complicated. Some methods like memory dump analysis, signature scanning, behavioral-based methods may produce good results for detection of Rootkit but there is always a chance of failure also. These methods cannot detect Rootkit if it resides in the kernel.

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